1970 Dodge Super Bee Information

1970 Super Bee in plum crazy high impact paint, photo from Dodge Coronet brochure.
Above: 1970 Super Bee in plum crazy high impact paint, photo from Dodge Coronet brochure.

Dodge’s budget musclecar was restyled for 1970, the Super Bee received a twin-looped front bumper and horizontally divided rear taillamps. Base pricing was lowered to $3,012 for the coupe and $3,074 for the hardtop. Buyers now had a choice of the traditional bumble bee stripe on the rear or a reverse c-stripe with the bee logo on the rear quarter panels. A bee emblem was also added between the front grilles and between the rear taillights. New options included a hood tach and a truck mounted rear spoiler.

Under the hood, the Super Bee came standard with a high performance 383 Magnum V8 that produced 335 horsepower and a 3 speed manual transmission. Buyers looking for more performance could option for the bigger 440 Magnum with the six-pack setup or the legendary 426 Hemi. A 4-speed manual or 3-speed automatic transmission was available on all engines at an extra cost. All three engines could be optioned with the (N96) Ramcharger cold air introduction system to boost performance. A dual exhaust system and heavy duty suspension was standard on all Super Bee’s.

The 1970 Dodge Super Bee was offered in several “High Impact” colors including, Plum Crazy, Sublime, Go-Mango and Panther Pink. 1970 would be the last year the Super Bee was built on the Coronet platform. Muscle car sales were starting to decline in 1970 and sales of the Super Bee dropped to 15,506 cars.

Performance Information

Engine: 383 Magnum 0 to 60 mph: 7.1 seconds Quarter Mile: 15.0 sec @ 96.0 mph

Engine: 426 Hemi 0 to 60 mph: 5.3 seconds Quarter Mile: 13.5 sec @ 105.0 mph

Engine: 440 Six Pack 0 to 60 mph: 6.3 seconds Quarter Mile: 13.8 sec @ 104.2 mph

Production Numbers

Production numbers for the 1970 Dodge Super Bee varies according to source, these numbers should only be used as a guideline.

Most sources agree that Dodge built 11,540 Super Bee hardtops and 3,966 Super Bee coupes in 1970.

Rare 1970 Dodge Super Bee’s:

  • 1,268 Super Bee V-Codes (440 Magnum Six-pack)
  • Super Bee – 2 door coupe = 196 (109 4-speed, 87 Automatic)
  • Super Bee – 2 door hardtop = 1072 (599 4-speed, 473 Automatic)


  • 36 Super Bee R-Codes (426 Hemi)
  • Super Bee – 2 door coupe = 4
  • Super Bee – 2 door hardtop = 32
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